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Basic Mould Awareness

Prerequisites: None

For this course we can conduct the training at your facility or at our own training facility, whichever will suit your needs best. There are some great benefits to both approaches. By completing your training on-site we can save your staff travel time, by completing your training at our facility you can benefit from our spacious training room, our state of the art hands on training space and full use of our break room.

Program Content

Any building may have mould. However, buildings with a history of water leaks, floods, fires and problems with indoor air quality (e.g. poor humidity control, lack of fresh air) should be considered at greater risk of mould growth. Water-damaged drywall, wood materials, jute, wallpaper, and cardboard are prone to fungal growth.

The sustained and/or extensive growth of any visible mould on the interior surfaces of a building is unacceptable. Mould growth on the interior surfaces of buildings is a risk factor for health problems.

When mouldy material becomes damaged or disturbed, mould spores can be released into the air. Exposure occurs if people inhale the spores. Workers and the public may be exposed to mould on water-damaged building materials inside buildings, and during building maintenance and repair operations. The most common types of mould are generally not hazardous to healthy individuals–but some moulds may be hazardous to certain individuals.

This is a general knowledge training program for anyone associated with buildings. This is a valued training program as virtually every building has or will experience water and mould damage during its service life.

Training program topics include:

  • Why Mould Grows In Buildings
  • Health Effects
  • Basic Regulatory Requirements
  • Overview of Applicable Guidelines

You will learn by:

  • Classroom interaction with experienced instructors

Who should enroll in this training program? 

This training program is geared towards Building Owners, Property Managers, Management Staff, Executives, Principals, Teachers, Real Estate Professionals, Home Inspectors, Architects, Engineers and Supervisors who require a basic understanding of the hazards and mould abatement operations.

Training Program Duration

1 Hour

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