In this article, we are going to outline the Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher. 

ACUTE Environmental and Safety Services is committed to providing you with the best hands-on work safety training. We are offering four Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Refreshers in 2020register here today.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the JHSC Refresher course, including when to take this course and what you will learn.


Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher

When you need to take the Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher

If you are a Joint Health and Safety Committee member, you are required to take a refresher course every 3 years in order to continue being recognized as a certified JHSC member.

If you don’t take the refresher within that 3-year window, you are no longer recognized as a certified JHSC member.

A certified member may request a one-time exemption from Refresher Training if they are an active member (i.e. engaged as a member of the workplace JHSC within the past 12 months). This exemption would extend the required period for JHSC Refresher Training by an additional 3 years for the active member.

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joint health and safety committee

A Joint Health and Safety Refresher is required every 3 years


What is the Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher?

The Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher is a 1-day course that reviews the concepts learned in Part 1 and Part 2 of the JHSC Certification process. You will also be updated on changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Your primary role as a Joint Health and Safety Committee member is to identify workplace health and safety problems and bring them to the attention of your employer. During the initial course, you will be trained in health and safety law. Additionally, you will be taught the identification, assessment, and control of hazards.


 Watch this video for more information about ACUTE’s JHSC course


Why you should register for a Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher

In Ontario, most workplaces with 20 or more workers must have a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) made up of at least one worker and one employer member.

Additionally, Section 9 of OHSA requires a JHSC for:

  • Construction projects that are expected to last three months or longer and where 20 or more workers will be on scene
  • Workplaces (other than a construction project) where a designated substance regulation applies
  • Anywhere an order dealing with toxic substances has been issued under OHSA section 33
  • Any workplace where the Minister of Labour happens to have ordered one

If your workplace has more than five but less than 20 workers, you are not required to have a committee. Instead, you must select a person from among your team to be a health and safety representative.

As an employer, you must keep proof of your workers’ JHSC certification and make it available to a Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development inspector on request. This is in order to remain compliant with provincial law.


JHSC members can download this checklist to help keep your co-workers safe


Where you can take a Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher

This course can be taken at ACUTE’s training facility in Waterloo. It’s an 8-hour course so you should plan to be there all day.

The cost of this course is $249 (plus applicable taxes).

Note: You can apply for a 1-time exemption from the refresher if you are an active JHSC member. This exemption extends the required period a refresher by an additional 3 years.



Trust ACUTE For Your Joint Health and Safety Refresher

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– Jody Lamarre