In Working At Heights Training Chapter 5, we will give you all of the most up-to-date statistics related to working at heights.

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Let’s take a closer look at the current working at heights statistics.

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Proper training can help prevent falls

Working At Heights Training Chapter 5: Up-to-Date Statistics

Below is a list of 10,067 recorded injuries in 2018* broken down by industry sector. For the purpose of this article, we have removed injuries that affected those working for Schedule 2 organizations, which, according to the WSIB, “are not grouped into economic or industry sectors” as these employers must individually pay the total costs of benefits for their injured employees.

*This is the most up-to-date information that WSIB has available at the time of publication.

WAH Training: Fall Statistics 2018

Industry Sector # of Fall-Related Injuries
Agriculture 221
Automotive 238
Chemicals/Process 155
Construction 1278
Education 217
Electrical 89
Food 257
Forestry 23
Health Care 1451
Manufacturing 1323
Mining 23
Municipal 174
Primary Metals 32
Pulp & Paper 21
Services 3341
Transportation 1224

WAH Training: Top 5 Sectors for Falls 2018

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Working At Heights Ontario Training

ACUTE’s Working At Height training program has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer under the Ministry of Labour’s Working At Heights Training Program Standard and the Working At Heights Training Provider Standard. ACUTE’s WAH training course provides both theoretical and hands-on practical training and evaluation facilitated by highly skilled and competent instructors.

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Objective: The purpose of a Working At Heights training program is to:

  • Strengthen workplace safety culture – By elevating the profile and importance of preventing falls from heights.
  • Knowledge and Safety Practices By providing workers who may be exposed to the hazard of falling with adequate knowledge about fall hazards and general safety practices to work safely at heights.
  • Purpose and Use of Equipment By providing workers who use personal fall protection equipment with sufficient knowledge about its purpose and use.
  • Incident Reduction By reducing the number of fall-from-heights incidents, injuries, and fatalities.
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Working at heights training can help reduce the risk of falls on the job

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